Senior Information

Yearbook Information


September 3, 2019 -  Yearbooks go on sale; the cost is $50.00


Due Friday, October 31, 2019

  • Formal Senior Portrait (This must be taken by Priceless Portraits for the composite that hangs in the cafeteria.) 

    • Sitting Fee: $35 for just portraits

    • $50 for portraits and casuals

    • Contact Priceless Portraits if you missed the summer dates for your formal senior

  • Personal Song and artist – (No curse words or vulgar language)

  • If you would like to change the baby picture from the one used in the football program, you may send another Good baby picture! This will be used for the Yearbook and Vespers.


Due Friday, December 6, 2019

  • Personal Motto (no curse words or vulgar language)

  • Casual Portrait (regular clothes); Mrs. Hust can take these if necessary.


Yearbook Ads, January 13, 2020

Ads may not be purchased before January 13, and they are unable to "hold" ad space.

First come, first serve!

Seniors, we are giving you first opportunity to buy ads in the yearbook. You will only be allowed to buy one ad per senior until every senior has had opportunity to buy. There are not enough ads for all seniors to have a full page, so get your money and pictures in quickly.  (Grandparents, sorry, parents get first priority.)


The prices are:

$200.00 - full page

$125.00 – ½ page

$  75.00 – ¼ page

$  50.00 – 1/8 page – business card




Please do not send scanned pictures, as we will be scanning them again. They lose resolution.

Please do not cut pictures.  It is very difficult to crop them after they are cut.

Please do not tape or glue pictures to paper.


If the yearbook staff is designing your ad, all pictures are due by January 31, so work can begin on your ad.

On February 1, any remaining ads will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  At this time seniors can buy a second ad, and businesses will be contacted to fill remaining ad space.


If you are having someone else create your ad, please make sure they save it as a .jpg and send on a flash drive or CD.  It can also be emailed to The ad size must be 8X10. It cannot be larger or smaller.


If the yearbook staff is not designing your ad, the finished ad is due by February 28.


If the ad or pictures are not turned in on time, there will be a generic ad created by the yearbook staff.


Important Dates: (dates will be added as the year progresses)






Post Office Box 125   |   Gallman, MS  39077   |   P (601) 892-3770   |   F (601) 892-6222