About Copiah
Copiah Educational Foundation consists of a high school, a middle school, a lower school and a long range financial arm known as the Copiah Endowment Corporation.  Our goal is to provide a basic core educational curriculum beginning at the kindergarten-elementary level and continuing through all grade levels, with the opportunity for advanced students to obtain a college preparatory education. Copiah Educational Foundation is fully accredited by the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools, the Southern Association of Independent Schools, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Members of the administration at Copiah Educational Foundation are accredited through the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
Our Mission
To provide a Christian educational experience in a safe, positive environment,
thus enabling all students to achieve their
academic potential and pursue a successful future.
Our Beliefs
  • A Christian atmosphere should be provided for learning.
  • Students should be provided with a positive learning experience within a safe, comfortable facility. 
  • Students should be provided with opportunities for moral, social, spiritual, and cultural growth.
  • Teachers should set clear goals with high expectations and present challenges for all students throughout the learning process. 
  • Every student is an individual, and care should be taken in addressing individual learning styles and needs when possible. 
  • Self-evaluations of our educational process should be conducted in an effort to ensure current and competitive academic excellence.