Who's Who


12th Grade
Best All-Round Senior: Anna Roberson and Will Thornton
Best Personality: Anna Lynn Sills and Zylon Crisler
Class Favorite: Anna Roberson and Zylon Crisler
Friendliest: Shay Matrick and Gage Zeigler
Most Athletic: Kristen Bailey and Cameron Chandler
Most Courteous: Blakeney Skinner and Gage Zeigler
Most Dependable: Kristen Bailey, Kayleigh Hollingsworth, and Preston Chapman
Most Intellectual: Holly Harrison and Will Adams
Most Likely To Be Famous: Madelyn McGraw and Thomas Ramsey
Most Likely To Succeed: Holly Harrison and Will Adams
Most School Spirit: Isabelle Prine and Bryce Ledet
Most Talented: Madelyn McGraw and Nathan Steele
Wittiest: Grace Davis, Darryelle Powell, and Thomas Ramsey

11th Grade

Best Personality: Halle Carr and Paxton Cora
Class Favorite: Makayla Russell and Joseph Granger
Friendliest: Brianna Martin and Ethan Bailey
Most Athletic: Sarah Grace Smith and Jon David Weed
Most Courteous: Asia Reed and Andrew Reinike
Most Dependable: Mary Beth Coates, Drake Bayles, and Chris Ellis
Most Intellectual: Bea Estigoy and William Lin
Most School Spirit: Emma Reinike and Alex Allen
Most Talented: Breanna Sykes and Jacob Hust

10th Grade
Best Personality: Olivia Wilson and Evan McAlpin
Class Favorite: McGee Hoda and Wyatt Albright
Friendliest: Ava Grace Dubose and Jordan Brumfield
Most Courteous: Grace Kitchens and Bryce Johnson
Most Intellectual: Reese Walker and Nicholas Davis
Most School Spirit: Olivia Girault and Wes Thornton

9th Grade
Class Favorite: Charlie Grace Davis and Jake Ainsworth
Friendliest: Ellie Barrentine and Will Banks
Most Courteous: Sarah Beth Grantham and Trey Wood
Most Intellectual: Madelyn Grace More and Rhyser Guynes
Most School Spirit: Skyler Sojourner and Andrew Matthews

8th Grade
Class Favorite: Alayna Parker Lowery and Wren Carr
Friendliest: Kayla Woodrow and Connor Adair
Most Courteous: Abby Wood and Joe Teasley
Most School Spirit: Isabel Henderson and Peyton Holifield

7th Grade
Class Favorite: Mericsa Tovar and Kendall Whatley
Friendliest: Eva Teasley and John Alman
Most School Spirit: Avery White and Huntor Sharp


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